Game manual

Jeu de Boules is a game everyone can play! What are the rules to a game of jeu de boules? When you play at our courts you are free to set your own rules, but you can also choose to follow this rulebook.


A game consists of several rounds. The game ends when a team has scored thirteen points.

In each round you try to get your team’s balls closer to the but than the best ball of the other team. For every ball that is closer to the but than the closest ball of the other team, the winning team receives 1 point. The losing team receives no points in this round.

1. Team set-up

Jeu de boules is always played in two teams. Depending on the number of people in your group, the following team set-ups are possible:

  • Tete-a-tete: Two teams of 1 player each: Each player gets 3 balls
  • Doublette: Two teams of 2 players each: each player gets 3 balls
  • Triplette: Two teams of 3 players each: each player gets 2 balls

2. Preparation

  • Per court you play with 2 teams
  • Each team picks their own type of balls:
    • With 2 players per team, each player gets 3 balls
    • With 3 or more players per team, the team gets a total of 6 (of the same) balls
  • Place the throwing circle against the edge of the court
  • Step into the throwing circle with both feet and throw the but (the tiny ball). The but must land at least one meter from the far end of the court as well as the sides of the court

3. Gameplay

  • One of the teams starts by throwing one of their balls as close to the but as they can
  • Next up, the other team throws their first ball, trying to get it closest to the but. If they fail, this team keeps the turn and continues throwing their balls until one lands closer to the but than the other team’s best ball
  • Should they fail, the first team can still throw their remaining balls in an attempt to score more points
  • A round is finished when all the balls have been played
  • The game is resumed by placing the throwing circle on the opposite side of the court and starting a game in the opposite direction
  • The winning team starts by throwing the but and the first ball

What to do when -> HELP!

  • During the game a ball can get outside the court. This ball is out of the game for this round, regardless which team caused it
  • When throwing the but, it can get outside of the court limits. When this happens, you throw it again
  • When playing the game, the but can get bumped out of the court:
    • When both teams still have balls left, the round has to be started over completely
    • When all balls have been played, the round also has to be started over completely
    • If only one team still had balls left, that team wins the round and receives 1 point for each ball that they have left

Fun fact!

With a score of 13-0, the losing team has to kiss “Fanny”. We will gladly explain who she is and where you need to kiss her.

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